ALL WE NEED by Kathy Wolff, illustrated by Margaux Meganck
Bloomsbury, 2021
For fans of All the World and Love, a poetic story that celebrates the littlest things we all need to be happy -- and the beauty of sharing with others when we have more to give.

Each bustling day in our busy world, we can take a moment to appreciate the little things. From the simplest essentials like air and water to the wonderful warmth of family, friends, and neighbors, there is so much in life to be thankful for.

Kathy Wolff's melodic verse and Margaux Meganck's lush and cozy city scenes follow three families through moments of daily discovery and joy, culminating in a celebration of community and giving.

When we have all we need, plus a little to spare, the only need left . . . is to share.

Praise for ALL WE NEED:
"The serene, colorful pictures turn the poetic text into a narrative, as the characters go home, make food, and come together again in a large community gathering once all needs are met, because “the only need left… / …is to share.” The lyrical text is a delight to read aloud, and the layout invites young readers to participate by guessing the word to be found on the next page—and, inevitably, memorizing them after the multiple reads that are bound to happen with this mesmerizing book.
All we need…is to read (this book!)."
-Kirkus STARRED review

"In Wolff’s hymn to resource sharing and community, Meganck paints families living lightly on the earth—cycling, enjoying each other’s children, and sharing food while offering each other emotional support through teaching, listening, and the occasional embrace. Warm, reassuring images throughout show families whose shared participation makes neighborhood ties stronger."
-Publisher's Weekly
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