I have years of experience teaching art to elementary and preschool age children, and I miss my time in the classroom so I leap at any chance to visit schools!
My current program is an hour-long AV presentation (it can be made shorter depending on age/attention span). Topics covered include: ideation specifically using ones passions to spark ideas, the process of making a picture book from idea-publication, and an in depth look at my latest title PEOPLE ARE WILD, including the “why” and “how” behind it. This last section has an animal conservation angle and pairs well with classrooms currently learning about environmental concerns.
All my school presentations can be catered for grades k-5.
One 30-50 min presentation: $200
Full Day (up to 3 presentations): $500

In person:
Single presentation hour: $500 (must be within 50 miles of Portland, OR)
Half Day: up to 2 presentations hour or 1 presentation+1 small group (15 or fewer students) workshop (must be within 150 miles of Portland, OR) $800
Full Day: 3 presentations (may sub any presentation(s) for small group workshop) $1300+travel+hotel accommodations.

*all prices are negotiable, particularly for schools with Title I designation. I can also waive my fee if you commit to a certain number of book sales made through a local bookstore. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need accommodations!

Book sales:
Please arrange for book sales with a local bookstore in or near your town.
I ask that every school purchase at minimum 3 books for the school.