PEOPLE ARE WILD by Margaux Meganck
Knopf BFYR, March 1, 2022
An inviting and inventive classic-in-the-making about learning to have compassion for every living thing, gorgeously illustrated by a rising star in the picture book world.

Wild creatures come in all shapes and sizes. They can be playful or loud or smelly or curious or cute—just like kids!
People Are Wild turns the tables and asks what animals think of us. We may not always see eye to eye, but the more we understand each other, the better we’re able to live in harmony.
Readers who loved They All Saw a Cat or Don’t Let Them Disappear will appreciate this unique perspective on the animal kingdom.

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"In a rare and fresh perspective, animal children try to convince their mothers that humans are just like animals: cuddly, cute, unique, and interesting to look at. However, the animal mothers tell their young that humans are dangerous. People are loud, messy, and nosy. People are “such strange creatures.” Most importantly, animal families cannot keep people as pets because “people are wild,” and “all wild creatures should be free.” Gorgeous colored pencil and watercolor illustrations feature a diverse cast of humans as well as elephants, frogs, butterflies, and seals, among other animals."
-Kirkus STARRED review!
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"The conversational narrative reads aloud beautifully, perhaps echoing words that children have heard from their own parents. Created with colored pencil and watercolor, the artwork features pleasing color combinations and softly shaded forms within varied natural habitats. A fresh perspective on people and animals."
— Carolyn Phelan with Booklist
Click here for a complete list of sources used in PEOPLE ARE WILD, as well as some fun resources for learning more about the animals we share the world with!